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Are you tired of headaches and migraines interrupting your plans?

Do you feel worthless every time you’re stuck in bed and laying in the dark while your family and friends laugh and enjoy life in the bright sunny outdoors? Do you struggle with relaxing, even when you’re not experiencing headache symptoms, because you’re worried and stressed about when your next headache or migraine might attack? Do you wish you could be more active and reach your ideal body weight without fear of triggering a headache or migraine?

If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place!

Dr. Jeanette De Witt is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has been helping people find headache and migraine relief since 2009. She helps women ages 35-55 with chronic headaches & migraines achieve headache-free days in 12 weeks, so they can live a happy, healthy, balanced life of work & play without anxiety, worry, & fear of their next headache interrupting their plans. She coaches women locally and nationally through virtual programs that walk them through a step-by-step process to relieving their own symptoms. Her virtual programs use movement as medicine to solve the root cause of the problem, teach motions that heal, avoid motions that hurt, and provide strategies that promote full recovery of symptoms so optimal wellness can be achieved.

*Local clients may also attend in-office appointments to experience Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (medical massage) combined with the therapeutic benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Dr. Jeanette coaches women through a step-by-step process and teaches them how to unlock the key to finding relief for a lifetime!

Movement is Medicine!

Learn The Wellness Track Way

which has helped numerous women experience headache-free and migraine-free days.

Phase 1: Choose

Step 1 - Review

Step 2 -

Meet Your Coach

Step 3 - Selection Time

Step 1 - Review

  • Aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you undecided in how to move forward to meet your goals?
  • Attend a workshop to review 4 options to feeling better

Step 2 - Meet Your Coach

  • Schedule your Free Inquiry Session
  • Gain clarity on your next steps
  • Learn which program is the best for you

Step 3 - Selection Time

  • This is where you get to choose your program
  • You select the program that best fits your needs
  • You decide based on the program details and your Free Inquiry Session

Phase 2: Commit

Step 4 - Training

Step 5 -

Starting Line

Step 6 -


Step 4 - Training

  • Are you ready to commit to the process?
  • Will you complete your homework assigned by your Coach?
  • Are you willing to learn the program from your Coach?
  • Will you ask questions and be an active participant during your coaching sessions?

Step 5 - Starting Line

  • Are you ready to get started?
  • Are you ready to receive your specific training plan outlined by your Coach?
  • Are you ready to attend your first virtual coaching session?

Step 6 - Step-By-Step

  • Stick with the plan outlined for you
  • Allow yourself to be coached through the entire program
  • Stay active and ask questions

Phase 3: Succeed

Step 7 -

Seeing The Finish Line

Step 8 -

The Final Push

Step 9 -

Gold Medal Stand

Step 7 - Seeing The Finish Line

  • Get the results you want
  • Continue to take consistent action
  • Staying engaged with the coaching sessions to receive encouragement, motivation, and feedback

Step 8 - The Final Push

  • Learn how to make subtle adjustments to what you already know so you can relieve your own symptoms and preventing a recurrence of symptoms
  • Learn how little “tweaks” make massive impact and create long-lasting results for a lifetime
  • Take action and make the small adjustments to reach your goals

Step 9 - Gold Medal Stand

  • You Made It!
  • Whichever program you chose, you will achieve your desired goals for that program
  • You will be Champion of taking control of your headaches and migraines
  • You will feel empowered by the confidence you have gained in knowing how to relieve your own symptoms
  • No more waiting for something or someone else to provide you with relief

How Do I Get To The Gold Medal Stand?

Which Program Will Help Me Best?

How Do I Unlock Relief For A Lifetime?

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